Trevor Mendham

UK Compulsory National Identity Cards

May 2004 Opinion Poll

In May 2004 the independent research group carried out an opinion poll to determine what people in the UK felt about the Government's plans to impose compulsory national Identity Cards. The poll was commissioned by Privacy International.

The full results are available in pdf format here:
A Nation Divided

For those who have trouble with pdf I have (with permission) reproduced the report here. Click on the relevant section title for more detail.

A Nation Divided

Views of the British public on the Government’s proposed National Identity Card

UK public survey commissioned by Privacy International & conducted by YouGov

May 2004

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A Nation Divided

- About Privacy International

- Background

- Key Findings

- ID Cards still have majority support, but opposition is deep & entrenched

- People do not want their address connected to the ID card

- Financial penalties are deeply opposed

- People are prepared to go to prison over the ID card

- A conundrum for the Tories