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  • In May 2004 Privacy International commissioned YouGov to conduct a poll of UK electors to determine views and opinion trends relating to the proposed National Identity Card.

  • YouGov questioned a representative sample of 2,003 electors throughout the United Kingdom between May 11 & May 13.

  • The Poll was commissioned partly in response to a MORI survey published a month earlier by IT supplier Detica. The company & the government inferred from the poll that 80 per cent of people support the government’s ID card proposals, and that civil liberties arguments have failed.

  • This poll tested opinion on key elements in the Government’s Draft Identity Cards Bill, and also asked those opposing ID cards to indicate what measures they would take to fight the introduction of such a scheme.

  • There are certain limitations on comparing polls. We have attempted to fairly represent trends and shifts between the MORI and the YouGov findings.

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A Nation Divided

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- ID Cards still have majority support, but opposition is deep & entrenched

- People do not want their address connected to the ID card

- Financial penalties are deeply opposed

- People are prepared to go to prison over the ID card

- A conundrum for the Tories