About This Site

Hi, thanks for visiting. I’m Trevor Mendham and this site is a place for me to gather and share my thoughts on various philosophical topics. I’m mainly interested in consciousness, free will and associated areas such as morality, determinism and luck – but nothing’s off limits. Expect more questions than answers.

Constructive comments on posts are welcome, whether you agree with my position or not. You can also email me or contact me via philpeople.org.

About Me

It’s important to stress that I’m a lay person in the field of philosophy. My degree is Mathematics (Warwick, 198x) and most of my early career was in IT. I have no formal training in philosophy, psychology, neuroscience, etc.

What I do have is a lifelong interest in those subjects and so have read a huge amount. Not having been through the standard academic philosophy channels arguably makes it easier to embrace unpopular positions such as incompatibilism.

All my writings (not comments) on this site are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives licence. The “NoDeriv” bit means you can’t modify an article and republish it – but you are, of course, allowed to quote sections inside your own work.


You’re very welcome to quote from and comment on my writing in your own work. But do you really want to?

I am not an authority and nothing on this site has been peer reviewed. Despite that, you might find something here useful as an argument, explanation, thought experiment, hypothesis, etc – in which case you’re welcome to quote it. Please cite as “Mendham, Trevor” with the URL of the appropriate post and the date on that post. Dropping me a quick email would also be appreciated but is not necessary.