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About Privacy International

Privacy International (PI) is the oldest surviving privacy advocacy group in the world, and was the first organisation to campaign at an international level on privacy issues. PI is based in London, UK, and has an office in Washington DC.

In the fourteen years since its first meeting in Luxembourg in 1990, PI has adopted a broad brief; organising more than 200 conferences & award ceremonies, participating in hundreds of national & international meetings, organising campaigns, producing publications & giving expert testimony to parliamentary and government committees. PI now has active associates and networks in over 50 countries. It is registered in the UK as a non-profit private limited company (no. 4354366).

PI deals at any one time with dozens of key issues. The organisationís campaigns, media activity and projects encompass international government cooperation, data protection law, anti-terrorism developments, freedom of information, Internet censorship, identity systems, corporate governance, the appointment of regulators, crossborder data flows, data retention, judicial process, government consultation procedures, information security, national security, cybercrime & aspects of around a hundred technologies and technology applications ranging from video surveillance to DNA testing.

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A Nation Divided

- About Privacy International

- Background

- Key Findings

- ID Cards still have majority support, but opposition is deep & entrenched

- People do not want their address connected to the ID card

- Financial penalties are deeply opposed

- People are prepared to go to prison over the ID card

- A conundrum for the Tories