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UK Civil Liberties - New Labour's Record

Suppression of Anti-War Protestors

During the run-up to the invasion of Iraq, we were constantly told by Tony Blair that we should at least be grateful we had the right to protest.

In reality, dissent outside the glare of the media was being suppressed.

One of the worst cases was RAF Fairford. Here the Anti-Terrorism laws were systematically applied to prevent citizens making lawful protests. The police were used by the government to prevent dissent with blatant disregard for the European Convention on Human Rights.

Anti-terrorism laws were abused to deny people their basic rights of association, movement and freedom to protest.

The worst atrocity at Fairford was when an anti-terrorist order was served on an eleven year old girl!

This yet again raises the issue of intent vs capability. Governments enact potentially draconian legislation assuring us it'll never be abused. Sooner or later it always is.

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