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UK Civil Liberties - New Labour's Record

New Labour recently passed a milestone of being longest ever continuous Labour government. It seems an appropriate time to look back and review their years in office.

The most important factor on which to judge any government is its commitment to civil liberties. New Labour has a dreadful record on this issue. As time progresses this government seems to be getting bolder in its contempt for human rights in the UK.

In particular current Home Secretary David "Big" Blunkett is an illiberal, authoritarian politician who once talked of "airy-fairy civil liberties" and branded those who dared disagree with him as "intellectual pygmies".

These pages contain a short overview of some of New Labour's worst attacks on basic civil liberties in the UK. Once you've read them, you might like to reconsider whether you trust this government with compulsory National Identity Cards.

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