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Compulsory National Identity Cards

Britain last had compulsory National Identity Cards during World War II. Now David "Big" Blunkett seems determined to re-introduce them for innocent UK citizens. This would turn the civil liberties clock back fifty years.

The proposed new cards will not just be pieces of cardboard. They will be high-tech smart cards complete with biometric information and linked to a central database. They will spell the end of personal privacy.

Compulsory National Identity Cards turn citizens into suspects and deprive people of privacy. They must be resisted.

Even if the cards are initially used only to prove identity in very rare circumstances, functionality creep is inevitable. Once the vast, expensive infrastructure is in place, future governments will see it as "common sense" to also use it for other purposes. One of the first would probably be a national DNA database.

For more information see: UK Identity Cards - The Case Against.

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