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UK Compulsory National Identity Cards

Dangers of ID Cards

Bootstrapping the System

For an ID system to have any value at all it must be 100% reliable - 99% is not good enough. This begs the question: when I apply for my ID Card, how will I prove my identity?

The most reliable forms of ID we have today are probably passports and driving licences. Yet there are many forgeries of these in circulation.

Perhaps the authorities will demand several forms of ID when applying for an ID Card. That will make the process more inconvenient for innocent citizens whilst being unlikely to deter organized crime.

And what about the millions of people who have neither driving licence nor passport? Will we have the ludicrous spectacle of high-tech, biometric ID Cards being given out on presentation of a gas bill?

There is an unresolvable paradox here. If I already have a reliable form of ID then why do I need an ID Card? If I don't have any reliable ID then how can my ID Card be reliable?

There is a serious danger that the new Identity Cards will simply legitimise existing fake ID.

UK ID Cards - Introduction

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