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UK Compulsory National Identity Cards (ID Cards)


To bring the UK in line with Europe

This seems to be the Government's fall-back argument, possibly because it is the only one with any degree of validity. In particular, compulsory National Identity Cards with biometric data would make it easier for the UK to be part of the second phase Schengen Information System.

Yes, the UK is unusual in Europe in not having ID cards. The UK is also unusual in not having a written constitution protecting the rights of citizens. It is also unusual in having a legal system built on the basis that anything is permitted unless specifically banned.

Of the fifteen EU countries eleven have Identity Cards. What ID supporters often "forget" to mention is that only four - Belgium, Germany, Greece and Spain - have compulsory schemes.

The Spanish Identity Cards did nothing to prevent the Madrid massacre.

Compulsory ID Cards might suit the cultures of a few other European countries, they do not suit the UK. Nor do they suit the USA, Japan, Australia or New Zealand, none of whom have felt them necessary.

Britain has a long and proud record of supporting the freedom of the individual. We can't throw that away just to be "more like everyone else".

UK ID Cards - Introduction

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