Trevor Mendham

UK Compulsory National Identity Cards

Dangers of ID Cards

Intent vs Capability

In many ways this is the core of the argument against compulsory National Identity Cards for innocent British citizens.

Governments of all colours tend to enact rules and legislation as widely as possible in order to give themselves flexibility. As a result they enable the capability for abuse.

When campaigners complain about the possible abuses we are told that we are being silly and that the powers would never be used that way. We are told to trust the government's intent.

Even if we do trust this government and this Home Secretary, can we trust future ones? Measures like ID Cards provide the capability for massive abuse, regardless of current intent.

Whatever assurances we are given, sooner or later the powers will be abused. For a recent example, see the abuses of the Terrorism Act.

The only way to avoid this system being abused is not to build it.

UK ID Cards - Introduction

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