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UK Compulsory National Identity Cards (ID Cards)


When cattle are branded, it is for the benefit of the farmer
- Nicholas Bohm

It should not be up to people like me to prove ID Cards are a bad idea. This is a major constitutional change to our society that will change our way of life forever. The burden of proof is therefore on the government. They must prove convincingly that 1) there is a requirement for ID Cards, 2) their scheme will meet that requirement and 3) that there is not a better, cheaper way of meeting that requirement.

They have totally failed on all three counts.

One of the worrying things about the Government's plans for ID Cards is the way in which the alleged motive for the Cards keeps changing. They have kept trying different arguments for ID Cards until they have found an issue (asylum seekers & illegal immigrants) that seems to have public resonance.

We have to wonder what their true motive is.

Amongst the excuses for the proposed cards have been:

Of these, only the last stands up to intellectual scrutiny - although not desirability.

None of the arguments in favour of ID cards stands up to analysis. There is no valid case for UK Identity Cards

Update June 2005
And now the justification is that we're all going to have biometric passports anyway. Another day, another failed attempt to find a valid argument in favour of ID cards.

Update 25/5/2005:
According to Tony Blair at PMQs today, the main motive is now to combat identity theft. Blair keeps shifting of his ground as one argument after another is shot down. Do you really trust him over this?

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