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UK Compulsory National Identity Cards (ID Cards)


How much will this unwanted, ineffective and dangerous scheme cost?

We don't know.

Nor does the Government.

Official estimates range between 1000 million and 3000 million. That's quite a variation. When pressed for details the Government hides behind the good old standby of "commercial confidentiality".

We all know what happens to large Government projects, especially when massive amounts of IT are involved. It seems safe to assume that the final cost will be at least 6000 million.

No wonder IT suppliers and consultants are swarming over ID Cards like flies over excrement.

Just think what else the country could do with 6000 million of our money.

  • If Charles Clarke is really interested in tackling crime and terrorism he could put more than 10,000 new bobbies on the beat.

  • If Gordon Brown is really concerned about the third world he could massively increase the UK aid budget.

  • If Tony Blair really believes in education, education, education he could build 600 new schools for our country's children.
One way or another it is us who will have to pay for this scheme, whether through central taxation or a charge. How much will we have to pay? Today's figure (25/5/2005) is 93. That's up from 85 just a few months ago - and we're still at least two years from the first cards being issued!

ID cards will be a massive identity tax. They will be New labour's Poll Tax.

UK ID Cards - Introduction

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