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UK Compulsory National Identity Cards (ID Cards)

Wartime ID Cards

Many people say "I carried an ID Card in the War, why should it be any different now?". Unfortunately the current Government plans are very different to WWII ID Cards.

I wasn't around in the 2nd World War, so feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it:

  • The wartime ID Card didn't require you to be fingerprinted like a common criminal (*)

  • The wartime ID Card didn't require you to tell the Government of every change of address or face a fine of 1000

  • The wartime ID Card system didn't cost enough money to build 600 new schools for our country's children

  • The wartime ID Card wasn't connected to a central Government register that recorded where and when it was used - every single time

  • The wartime ID card was intended as a temporary, emergency measure not a permanent change in the relationship between individual and state

  • The wartime ID Card was not a deliberate attempt to build a database state

I was always told that World War II was fought to preserve our liberty in a country where the Government is servant of the people, not master. Perhaps some veterans would like to join the fight against this latest threat to our freedom and traditional British way of life.

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*Note: The exact nature of the biometric on the new ID Card is not yet decided, it appears likely to be fingerprints and/or iris scanning.

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